About Us

Carbon Concierge was founded by 10 partners through Bainbridge Graduate Institute and Social Venture Network in 2007. Several of those founders along with a new team of partners have moved Carbon Concierge to the next level of operations and continue to innovate sustainable business practices across the United Sates and Canada.

Our partner model offers services targeted toward our clients’ unique framework and is reflective of continuous changes in the carbon and business markets. We focus on finding the right team for our clients by working with partners that help meet clients individual business needs. With a keen focus on project management, we work to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We help enhance your financial performance through engagement of environmental stewardship, energy and resource management, carbon market implementation strategies, social equity, and appropriate branding for these initiatives. We do this by offering a team of US partners that bring unique skills and structures to the table.

Carbon Concierge supplies business leaders with the resources needed to increase economic value through social and environmental responsibility.cclogo1


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